How to Raise a Responsible Kid

All of us wish for our children to be responsible. In fact, we want to live in a world where everybody does their tasks with utmost honesty and responsibility. This is the same best case scenario which we try to picture inside the minds of our children. And when they see someone being careless about the garbage he/she would produce in the park or playground, the children naturally ask, “Don’t grownups know they have to clean up their own messes?

Here, the children should be taught how the community life should be. And then they should also be taught about their responsibility and role which they need to play.

The first thing you should ensure is that you are looking at responsibility as something enjoyable rather than a burden. In other words, your kids should feel empowered and privileged when given responsibility. All of us want to believe that there must be something for which the world may need us. Children’s thoughts are no different in this regard.

Therefore, the children should not be taught about handling things in responsible way. In fact, they can be made realize that they have a responsibility to take care of in order to give this world something valuable.

Summing up this part of discussion, the degree at which kids can realize their role in this world is entirely dependent upon the support they get from us. With that said, it’s worth mentioning some strategies that can help in raising responsible kids.

Teaching kids about taking responsibility

It starts with cleaning the messes. Of course children would not be able to clean their messes from the start. So you can do it for them with empathy, and in a manner so show them how to clean. In the early stages, you can ask your kid to pick the sponge or dust cleaning brush and hand it over to you. Then you can move forward slowly by teaching the cleaning process by breaking the process in several parts. Make gradual increments in the work allocation to the child by adding one part to be done by the kid after some time.

Start by introducing household responsibility to the kid

Kids have the natural desire to contribute. You can make use of this trait to help them move forward to take some responsibility in the household activities. You cannot teach all of this to your kid in a couple of fortnights. You need to be a consistent teacher here. First, you will just have to show your kids how things are done and that how good it feels to accomplish these tasks. Then you can start by assigning small tasks. Increase the workload as the kid grows.

Keep in mind, children do not like chores

Unless it has become the necessary part of their routine, kids would never ask you to hand you over the task of doing chores. Also, it should be kept in mind that it’s not the accomplishment of tasks that you should expect from your kids. Hence, children should not be pushed to do the chores. They would do it automatically when their responsibility would be to do the chores.


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